abandon vb 1 Abandon, desert, forsake mean to quit absolutely.
Abandon implies surrender of control or possession often with the implication that the thing abandoned is left to the mercy of someone or something else

the ghost of grandeur that lingers between the walls of abandoned haciendas in New Mexico— Mary Austin


in the frantic rush to escape the insane had usually been forgotten and abandoned to horrible deaths— Heiser


abandoning wife and children, home and business, and renouncing normal morality and humanity— Shaw

Desert commonly implies previous occupation, companionship, or guardianship and often connotes desolation

deserted farms growing up to brush

It often, especially in deserter, desertion, emphasizes violation of duty as guardian or protector and extreme culpability

deserted by those that should have stood by him


any person found guilty of desertion . . . shall be punished, if the offense is committed in time of war, by death— Uniform Code of Military Justice

Forsake often retains connotation of repudiation, frequently suggests renunciation, and stresses the breaking off of an association with someone or something

forsake the world and all its pleasures


she was forsaken at the altar— Deland

Analogous words: *discard, cast, scrap, junk: reject, repudiate (see DECLINE)
Antonyms: reclaim
Contrasted words: hold, possess, enjoy (see HAVE): shield, safeguard, protect (see DEFEND): redeem, *rescue, save
2 surrender, *relinquish, yield, resign, leave
Antonyms: cherish (hopes, opinions): restrain (oneself)
Contrasted words: *keep, retain: treasure, prize (see APPRECIATE): *maintain, assert, defend: inhibit, bridle, curb (see RESTRAIN)
abandon n *unconstraint, spontaneity
Analogous words: license, *freedom, liberty: relaxation, laxity or laxness, looseness (see LOOSE)
Antonyms: self-restraint
Contrasted words: repression, suppression (see SUPPRESS): self-possession, aplomb (see CONFIDENCE): poise (see BALANCE, TACT)

New Dictionary of Synonyms. 2014.


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